Freddie Joachim - Beyond The Sea Of Trees

Released 24/05/19 

Reviewed by David Taylor  

Label : Jakarta Records

Genre : Hip Hop 

All is quiet on the Rap front in terms of new releases this month so I thought I would treat you to an insight into a dope instrumental LP from beatmeister Freddie Joachim.


Freddie Joachim is a DJ and producer and having cut beats for a host of artists including J Cole and Joey Badass he sure knows his way around a mixing desk. 


Opening track ‘Rising’ draws you in with some superb, lazy piano keys on a stand up bass riff that could soundtrack a 70’s black and white film with panache. In steps a punchy head nod beat and some nice strings creep in to finish it off; dope.


Next up is ‘Serenade’ a boom bap break of the heavyweight variety on yet more smooth jazzy piano loops.


To me the art of making perfect Hip Hop is to keep it basic and set a simple loop to a beat that is so strong and well produced that the rest of the track really doesn’t need anything other than an MC; this album smashes that nail on the head. 


‘Winding Road’ is so laid back it’s horizontal. Yet more beautifully produced drums set to winding keys and a synth groove from outer space. 


‘Backyards’ takes the funkiness up a notch with an uber funky break on some slick glockenspiel type notes.


If you have any kind of ear for production you will instantly fall in love with the drums on this LP.


Tracks such as ‘Yesterday’ feature snares so snappy they stamp through the speaker cone with ethereal clarity.


Don’t even get me started on the break on ‘Runaway’. An absolutely belting kick and snare heavy beat, an ultimate strength head nodder for sure. I’m not even an M.C and I can feel myself dreaming up imaginary rhymes to spit on this glorious beat!


‘Out There’ wraps yet another gigantic beat around some little guitar noodles and a warm bass line with a staccato keys sample to lace it up. 


‘Mulled Wine’ puts the beat on the same ice that the backing is on, a very chilled out affair with hazy piano keys and a pulsating electronic bass sound that keeps the funk present. 


‘Power and Profit’ drops a medieval sounding loop that would be well at home on a Wu Tang single. You can picture Ghost Face dropping bars on this fast little ditty for sure. 


In terms of production this is hands down the best release I have heard this year. Every beat has superb clarity but still sits in the track with that lovely analogue warmth of something put out in the 90’s. 


This is end to end boom bap league listening suitable for the car, the headphones on the commute or crashing at home with a bottle of wine with your other half. So pop the claret and add this sublime LP to the collection on the double you won’t regret it.