Vanity Project - Gelignite

Released 25/03/19 

Reviewed by David Taylor  

Label : N/A 

Genre : Hip Hop 

If proof was ever needed that the UK are lobbing bombs in terms of the consistency of quality of our independent Hip Hop releases; this is it!

This has appeared out of nowhere in super limited numbers with just 100 copies in 7” vinyl format available.

My esteemed colleague and hunter gatherer of all things dope on wax Mr. Simon Cannon sent me the link to this as a recommendation and I instantly visited the Big Cartel shop to cop the vinyl while it was still available!

The record was originally available on transparent yellow vinyl and black vinyl but the yellow version has all sold out, if you are quick you might be able to grab a black vinyl copy at the very reasonable price of £8 plus shipping.

The first thing that I love about this is that it’s a self-released, self-funded, truly independent project; you just can’t beat the aura and excitement that a new underground release like this has.

So ‘who the heck are Vanity Project’ I hear you cry, beats are produced by Crespo with lyrics by Debut75 and the cuts are supplied by Krash Slaughta.

Crespo is a former member of Brighton based Psychedelic Hip Hop outfit Monkey Sons, a crew which included South Coast Rap veteran Remark as well as Krash Slaughta who provided the cuts on this release.

If you want a flavour for Brighton boy Debut75’s previous endeavours check ‘Back to Burn’ by ‘Hypercondriacs’ on line for a dose of super tongue in cheek heavyweight punchline delivery.

The release consists of ‘V01’ and V02’ plus instrumentals on the digital version and the instrumental to ‘V02’ on the vinyl cut.

‘Gelignite V01’ works around a smooth little bass riff over a simple stepping break with lashings of funkadelic organ notes laced with super quick cuts from Krash Slaughta.

Debut75 delivers a laid back flow with superb clarity and extremely tight rhythm that almost melts each word to each beat of the track.‘Gelignite V02’ delivers a fast paced, heavier version interspersed with scratch routines which break up the bars delivered by Debut75 with aplomb. The track gathers pace with the break layered over some tasty Beastie Boys-esque brass stabs.

The end to end track delivers a UK Hip Hop workout that will keep the most nimble of B-Boys on their toes and shows that there are no flies on UK Rap in 2019.

The record fits the authentic blueprint and it’s refreshing to see an independent release in physical format from an assembly of heads that obviously know their onions when it comes to producing high quality Hip Hop.

All in all this has the uncompromising, in your face energy of days gone by in terms of the sound of UK Hip Hop but is produced, marketed and presented in a totally up to date fashion; word to that.

I am holding out for another release from Vanity Project and this one will be staying in the record box for the summer for sure.